Women Elevate23 Conference Toolkit


Our lineup of women experts will be sharing their experiences, strategies, and knowledge. Which session are you most excited for?

Elizabeth Andrew

Sales Leader and TEDx Speaker, SIRPLUS

Martha Angle

VP of Global Culture, Diversity & People, OneStream

Francine (Nikas) Stowe

AVP, Emerging Verticals, Anaplan

Gina Tesla

VP, ESG, Sustainability, Social Impact and DE&I, Coupa

Sofia Tulchinsky

SVP & COO, Alliances & Channels, Salesforce

Angela Breard-Chen

Director & DE&I Committee Chair, Spaulding Ridge

Sarah Katz

President, Spaulding Ridge

Mansha Monga

Managing Partner, Spaulding Ridge

Carrie Salzwedel

Partner, Spaulding Ridge